The love of wine, our territory,

the re-discovery and development of native grapes,

and the exaltation of the fragrances and flavours of Tuscany,

is the philosophy of MASTI’s family since 1978 continues its passion and philosophy … make great wines,

a company created with the objective of selecting

the fine D.O.C.G., D.O.C. and I.G.T.  wines of this splendid region.

The experience accumulated over years of involvement in the study

of various processes of production and the different variety of grapes

that are to be found in the characteristic  territory and climate of Tuscany,

plus the excellent habitat for the production of great wines.

Our headquarters are to be found in the prestigious Villa of San Pancrazio, a beautiful, old family owned Masti,

in the domain of San Casciano Val Di Pesa and in the town from which it takes its name,

set in the soft hills of Chianti, immersed  in the heart of Tuscany and close to Florence.

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